Instructors Welcome

It is so great to have you join us as a supporter of life-long professional and personal growth! As an institution of continuous higher learning we are always looking for new content and instructors that “offer authentic, profound and transformational growth opportunities to share with our peers, colleagues and students.”

My goal with Synergy University is to offer distinct, valuable learning opportunities whereby people achieve greater preparation, support, distinct content and inspiration to do great things for themselves and others. Many of us have so much to offer and feel underutilized by the universe because they are stuck in a system that doesn’t allow them to explore and reach their potential. Our hope is they join us as an student and/or instructor to share your gifts, insights and proven best practices.

It is a great honor to facilitate learning opportunities with the major growth of Synergy University.  I look forward to having you in one of my Member Groups, Masterminds or any of the courses and live programs you will see offered this year. Thanks for joining his journey!

Best Regards,