Healing for Parents of Autistic Kids – Part I

While the instructor, Dave Gerber, has no relatives or friends personally affected by Autism, he wants to be a part of the solution. Helping parents address their own stressors using several healing techniques is a place he can be supportive. The stress levels of parents with Autistic children can be ‘off the charts.’ Dealing with the everyday personal, social, workplace, political and other distractions can take its toll on an individual’s entire mind, body and spirit. When finished this webinar, you will have several specific tools and concepts that will help you better develop your own wellness. Drawing on both Eastern and Western best practices, this course will help parents as they heal their hearts and find more peace. The benefits are amazing and can be passed along energetically and literally to their Autistic children. Helping parents “put their own oxygen mask on first” is the inspiration behind this course.

1 Lesson
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