How To Write a Kids Book

Dave Gerber is the author of “A Robot’s Journey to Find a Heart” and in this webinar he will teach you the process from the beginning all of the way to deciding about self-publishing or going to someone else. He will explain the state of the publishing industry so you can better understand the differences between traditional publishers, hybrid publishers and self-publishing. From ideas to graphics to outsourcing…let’s bring your idea to life and make it happen. This program will help you make it faster, better and cheaper than you would have teach an understanding of the process.

Dealing With Aging Parents

Whether in good health, poor health or that time in between, supporting our Parents as they get older is an important part of the cycle of life. That said, it is not easy. In this webinar the instructor hopes to ease your stress with a discussion of many issues that are affecting you and your parents…and what to be aware of before it happens. This course will provide information on the considerations you want to encourage your parents to make with your guidance. Adult children do not have to lose their own life or themselves when helping their parents, this program will help to show you how.