Become an Instructor

Become a Synergy University Expert Instructor!

Have you been feeling underutilized by the universe for all the knowledge and experience you have?
Do you want more opportunities to teach but paying jobs are hard to find?
Do you want to get paid for your webinars and get immediate payment for referrals to other courses?
Do you want help to make instant, passive income and help those around the world!?
Join Synergy University as a “Synergy Expert Instructor”, offer your webinars and products while getting paid instantly for referrals to other instructors courses. Imagine the joy of teaching your passions with the professional and public communities, getting paid at the same time while knowing that you can make money by helping to share the high-quality wisdom, tools, and skills of other Synergy Expert Instructors – at the same time! All of it done with transactions that put the money in your account as soon as anyone buys your webinar, products or your referrals.
“Wisdom not shared is wisdom wasted. Let’s work together to unleash the knowledge, wisdom and skills so many people want to share with the world! Join Synergy University as an expert instructor, get paid and help change the world while generating passive income to support your family at the same time!” – Dave Gerber, Founder

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Frequent Answers…

Requirements: PowerPoint, Live Class and/or Pre-Recorded course (Format/Content approval needed)
How Many Webinars Can I do? Potentially Unlimited (must be approved by Synergy University)
Can I sell other resources like books and eBooks? Unlimited (upon approval)
Payment: You GET PAID EVERY TIME anyone buys your webinar!! You do not get paid to do the webinar.
Payment to the Instructor is 50% on webinars and 75% on all products for what the participant pays (this may vary depending on specials, incentives etc…)
Copyright: Retained by the Instructor! You can sell on their own and we will sell it for you as well!
View a demo course Here for standard layout.   DEMO COURSE
Referral System Payment: you get a code that when anyone signs up for another Instructor’s webinar course using your coupon code, you will get 5% of the course value cash sent to your PayPal Account
We will be using a sliding price guide, offering early bird, same day and other pricing incentives.
Administration Fee:
$40 one-time fee can be waived if multiple courses entered upon first submission
Contact: to learn more submit materials and for support.
  1. Are you planning to market corporations or is your target audience individuals?
  • Skeleton design if for targeting individuals so we can reach people all over the world…we want to help those who want to improve themselves and are willing to pay for it instead of waiting for their employer to pay for it, if it will even happen
  • Natural evolution is to have and work with corporations who will be interested in our quality content and delivery
  • We can be a continuing education and/or reward from organizations to their employees
  • SU would also like to have sponsors, which may also be ‘clients’
  • We are all about relationships, so it would be good to build relationships with organizations of all kinds…including we will be looking for sponsors – please see more with answer to your last question


  1. Do you plan on promoting certain classes and/or highlighting certain trainers?
  • We are launching a newsletter so we can let the community know when new instructors come on board
  • We can remind our community of our instructors in the newsletter so that after instructors are no longer new, they can still get attention
  • All classes are going to be in their ‘theme’ so that it is easy for students to find them, watch the trailer, read the text abstract before having to pay
  • Because we are just launching the SU, those who commit, sign up and get started will go on the page under the featured instructors with their head shot photograph in a rotating fashion until the end of the year. We will be re-evaluating this featured instructors concept throughout  the year and share any changes ahead of time.
  • Trainers can promote themselves by having quality trailer videos that get uploaded with their courses. The more courses and trailers, the more the client will feel like they know you and want to continue learning with you


  1. How do you price the training classes?
  • Pricing is based upon an agreement between myself and the instructor themselves…we imagine that people are going to determine which of the instructors, teaching what, will deliver on the amount they charge. This is a tough question as you know that I have struggled with when trying to determine how to get people to invest at a rate they have based on their discretionary income, which is shrinking for many. That said, I have chosen $88 for a 30-60 minute as a starting place for all of my webinars but there is no set amount as of this time. Also, I think this is very fair, provides value and does not need to be reduced in price for individuals or corporate (it can be, but I think it is a solid price.) We can charge whatever you want essentially, I am not requiring a set amount at this time. Also, longer courses may cost more, so if it is a multi-day or multi-hour course and/or has live components or offline coaching deliverables, price is going to vary and I am very open, our interests are the same…sell it as many times as possible.


  1. What is the financial arrangement you offer your trainers.?  
  • Most models include the instructor being paid X and then no longer having rights or generated income.
  • At SU, we let you keep the copyright to your material
  • Trainer gets 50% of the webinar cost for EVERY person that buys it EVERY time it is purchased and the money goes into the instructors bank account
  • This is the way it works for every course, masterclass, coaching, etc….
  • AND…you are given a code and every time someone uses your code to buy a course (not products) you make 5% of whatever they buy – the goal is passive income generation for everyone. Admin costs, fees, website maintenance and other costs absorbed by Synergy University


  1. If a corporation wants to buy a course for  x amount of people , how much does the trainer get or is this considered one sale?
  • All corporate and/or organizational sales would be done contractually and not through the standard purchasing for individuals in order to streamline all aspects of the learning and administrative logistics (which have related expenses)
  • There are associated costs that would be required by SU to complete the negotiation and other related costs
  • The trainer is paid on the new cost of the webinar based upon the discount provided based on the numbers below: (again, corporate deals are not done through the website, they are done by me, personally, with the support of Megan


People   Discount             Trainer take after the discounted rate and related expenses

10-25     5% off   —           Trainer would get 50% after discount and related expenses

26-50     7%off  —              Trainer would get 50% after discount and related expenses

51-99     12%off  —            Trainer would get 50% after discount and related expenses

100+      15%0ff  —            Trainer would get 50% after discount and related expenses


What other questions can I help you with at this time? It would be great to have you join us on staff, your background sounds impressive. Please let me know what else you are thinking about and have a great week!